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Business Insurance Olympia, WACall All Insurance Inc. in Lacey, WA for your business insurance!

You have a business to run. There’s a lot you have to worry about, like accounts receivable and payable, shipping issues, finding and keeping good people, controlling inventory, the hassles of facilities and expansion. And then let’s not forget all the federal, state, and local regulations you have to wade through.

So, we’ll keep the insurance part short and to the point.

There’s a reason 98% of all businesses work with an agent or broker for their business insurance. You’re an expert at what you do, and the independent agents are experts at what they do. They have a vast menu of insurance products and years of experience helping businesses with needs like yours. And because they’re independent, they offer insurance from a wide range of companies so you can pick the coverage that’s right for you.

Even the smallest business is exposed to big problems. All Insurance specializes in serving businesses your size. And to simplify your life we offer customized policies that combine property, liability, and other coverage’s.

We even help you avoid accidents. All Insurance represents companies that have Risk Services programs and materials will help prevent problems. A few of the topics we cover are preventing fire and property damage, occupational safety for employees and protecting the public.

You benefit from independence. Our agents represent multiple carriers, so they can offer you a variety of coverage choices and customize a plan to meet your specialized needs. All Insurance is your best choice because our history and resources prove we’ll be around if you need us.

Property Insurance

Business property insurance covers the physical parts of your business. These are things like your building, equipment, furnishings, fixtures, inventory, computers, records, and other valuable items. Property insurance can also help provide income if your business can’t operate for a while after a covered loss.

*Situation:  Your business is totally destroyed by a fire. This coverage will pay to repair or replace the building and its contents. But since this may take months; you may also include business income coverage as part of your policy.

Liability Insurance

Business liability insurance protects your business if your company is sued for bodily injury or property damage to someone else.

*Situation: A customer slips and falls on your property. A person claims that a product you make has injured them. One of your competitors claims that you have infringed on their copyright in your ad. Even if claims are false, the legal costs could put you out of business. Safeco Liability Insurance makes sure you’re covered.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Just like the insurance on your own car, commercial auto insurance is there to protect you and your assets. You can’t assume that your personal coverage protects you while working because most personal policies don’t cover damage that happens while on company business.

*Situation: While on company business one of your employees fails to stop at a light and hits a city bus. While making a delivery, one of your business vehicles is struck by an uninsured motorist.  Your fleet of cars is vandalized and all the windows are broken. All the companies/carriers we represent offer protection that will cover you in all of these situations.

Umbrella Insurance

Even small businesses are occasionally exposed to huge lawsuits or catastrophes. The news is filled with court settlements that are far beyond the limits of most business liability insurance.  Umbrella insurance takes over when a lawsuit exceeds the limit of your other commercial coverage. This second layer of protection usually starts at $1,000,000 and goes much higher.

*Situation: One of your delivery drivers backs into a pedestrian in a crosswalk leaving the person paralyzed from the waist down. A product you sell causes serious injury to numerous customers.  In both cases you could be found liable and the damages could be in the millions. With Umbrella insurance, you get much more coverage for damage over the limit of your underlying coverage.

Surety Bonds

We’ve been providing bonds to a wide variety of clients, ranging from individuals to construction contractors. We know the challenges you face every day. And we have experienced people near you who will spend the time it takes to understand the unique aspects of your business. We can also tap into our carrier’s in-house specialists to help you prevent and resolve any problems.

Now it’s back to business. You have one to run and we have thousands to protect. We’d just like you to know that All Insurance Inc is committed to making the insurance part of your business as easy and uncomplicated as possible.