Broadform Insurance Olympia, WAMany people have never heard the term, “Broadform Insurance.” This coverage is offered in Washington State, one of only a few states that has it.

Broadform insurance is different because it insures the driver, not the vehicle.

The reasons to choose a broadform insurance policy in Olympia vary, but can include:

  • You own multiple vehicles and want a low rate
  • You don’t own any vehicles
  • You want to simply meet state insurance requirements
  • You don’t want or need physical insurance coverage on your vehicles
  • You have an SR22 filing and need to meet state requirements

While everyone’s needs are different, we offer broadform as an option. It is important to understand these things before purchasing a broadform insurance policy:

  1. Only you are covered, not a family member, not a household member – only you.
  2. Coverage does not follow a vehicle you own. So, if you let someone borrow a vehicle you own they get into an accident, you may be held liable, but the insurance will not cover this loss.
  3. This coverage does not transfer to other types of vehicles including motorcycles or RVs.
  4. You do not have any physical damage coverage for the vehicle you’re driving.
  5. This type of insurance does not cover you while driving for business use.
  6. Broadform insurance is excess over any other insurance policy available.

If you’re in need of broadform insurance in Olympia or Lacey, WA, call the insurance experts at All Insurance, Inc. Our friendly staff will help you decide if this type of insurance policy is right for you!